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IP Vs Analog Camera? Which 1 is the better option?

by Shazwar Khan 27 Feb 2024

Have you ever which camera is better for your desired needs? Today in this article, we’ll talk about each one of them and determine which is the better option, IP Vs Analog Camera?

IP Vs Analog

Let’s talk about the advantages of Analog Cameras between IP-POE vs Analog.

  • Cost. The most obvious argument to keep your analog system is the cost. Analog cameras are substantially less expensive, especially as the number of cameras grows.
  • Simplicity. Analog cameras are relatively simple to operate, as they send recordings to a digital video recorder (DVR), which transforms the analog to digital and stores it. DVRs are very easy to set up and use.
  • The technology is getting better. High definition (HD) analog has greatly improved visual quality and resolution. Four and five megapixel HD analog cameras are available, which is amazing. However, when comparing resolutions, there are many more advantages to using an IP camera.

The disadvantages of Analog Cameras.

  • The frame rate and image quality. Analog cameras have a lower frame rate than IP cameras, making them unsuitable for locations with a lot of motion or that require excellent resolution. Images are softer and may appear grainy or blurry. In addition, unlike IP cameras, you cannot digitally zoom in. Image quality, on the other hand, may not be a critical factor in certain situations or regions.
  • More cables. You need a power cable, plus a DVR cable, whereas you only need one cable with IP cameras.
  • There is lesser coverage. It may take more analog cameras to cover the same amount of area as it would take one IP camera.

Now let’s move on to IP Cameras’ advantages.

  • Resolution. Camera resolution is improving all the time, and IP cameras have greater image quality over analogs. You may acquire cameras with varying resolutions and aspect ratios that are tailored to your specific requirements.
  • Security. Video is encrypted and authenticated so transmission is secure.
  • Less equipment. Whereas with an analog camera you need to have an encoder or decoder, there’s no need for that with IP.
  • Intelligence and analytics. IP cameras are basically small computers that compress and store video, plus they can be programmed to provide all sorts of analytics. They can detect motion or smoke, count people, track certain colors, sense when something disappears, and set off alarms. 

Disadvantages of IP Cameras

  • Storage. IP cameras are higher resolution, so they generate larger files than analog. You’ll need to adjust your storage space accordingly.
  • Learning curve. With IP cameras, there’s a user interface. “A lot of it is pretty intuitive once you get going, but there is a certain level of technicality that needs to be learned by the end user,” says Lanni.
  • Initial cost for set-up. It may cost more to set up your IP camera system if you are transitioning from analog; however, once set up, it is much easier to modify and scale your system as needed.


IP Vs Analog Cameras, each of them have their own pros and cons. But nowadays, public tend to buy the suitable CCTV system for depending on where do they want to put in, whether is at home, at their office or at their physical retail shops. So, always do your research first before deciding which system is the best for you!

If you still have any queries about IP Vs Analog Cameras and want to see which system is the best option for you, you can contact us by clicking the following button so we can give you the best advice on it.

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