User Guide

Digi-Cabi uses “Cold Chip” technology – A well proven long life, reliable, low consumption technology for medium range of Humidity that is used for pharmaceutical, electronics etc. It is economical, reliable and workable. The Cold Chip colds a metal surface to cause condensation of air moisture from gaseous state to liquid state. The water collected will be evaporated through the vent and renders the enclosed environment dry.


Digital Humidity Controlled DHC Series

For DHC Series, you can control the humidity using the LCD Hygrometer on the front panel. There is a set button which you can set the humidity level you desire and the system will work according to the settings. You are able to set precise humidity for this series.(+/- 2%)

3 control buttons is located at the hygrometer fitted outside the cabinet, S, increase and decrease button.

i) Press “S” button once and the % reading on display will start to flick, adjust the humidity level by pressing “increase” or “decrease” button until required humidity % is shown, press “S” button again and the display will stop flicking and hygrometer will show current humidity level inside the cabinet.

ii) Dehumidifier LED light will light up and will start absorbing moisture if the humidity inside the cabinet is higher than set level, the hygrometer will show the inside cabinet humidity level.

iii) When humidity reaches the setting point, LED light will turn off and auto power cut off if the humidity level remains.


AD and DB Series

You can control the humidity using the mechanical Hygrometer on the dryer units. The Digital display unit displays the current humidity level in % RH.

You can set the humidity by turning the knob clockwise or anti-clockwise, clockwise toward red zone represent stronger moisture absorbing estimate reading of humidity level at 30-40%. Green LED light turns brighter and dimmer when knob is turned clockwise/anticlockwise. Red LED shows power is on.

Anti-clockwise towards Green Zone represents weaker moisture absorbing, estimated humidity reading at 50-70%.

We will recommend to start setting the dial at blue zone for a humidity level of 40 to 55%.

Remark: Humidity reading display at each setting point varies depends on sizes and different products stored inside the cabinet as well as ambient temperature where the cabinet is situated.