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Theragun Thera cup – Advanced heat and vibration cupping

TheraCup combines traditional cupping with our cutting-edge ThermaVibration™ Technology. We’re bringing suction, heat, and vibration together to create an easy-to-use

Theragun Recovery Therm Cube – Instant heat, cold and contrast therapy for targeted pain relief in one compact, portable device.

Introducing RecoveryTherm™ Cube — a compact, reusable device that delivers instant cold, heat and contrast therapies scientifically proven to treat

Theragun Pro Plus – The ultimate multi-therapy device for athletic performance

Theragun PRO Plus is the unrivaled percussive massage device designed to help you pursue the upper limits of your performance.

Theragun Wave Solo – Pinpointed, ultra-portable vibration therapy

This ultra-portable smart vibration therapy device delivers pinpointed pressure and vibration to focused areas for reduced tension and improved movement.

Theragun Wave Duo – Contoured to the back, spine, and neck

Ergonomically contoured to the back, spine, and neck, this portable smart vibrating roller is a uniquely versatile rolling solution. Five

Theragun Wave Roller – A full-body roller for large muscle groups

The Wave Roller combines powerful vibration therapy and an innovative wave texture to deliver the most powerful, efficient full-body foam

Theragun Relief – On-the-Go Treatment Massage Gun


 • Relieve aches and pains • Reduce tension and soreness • Ease stiffness • Increase circulation • Improve mobility • Improve sleep • Reduce stress

SoLove N9P Handheld Fan Detachable Base

*3 month warranty from date of purchase   Specifications: Brand: Solove Model: N9P Color: Pink, White   Features: 2000mAh/7.4Wh Detachable

Amazfit Active Edge Smartwatch | 10 ATM | Zepp Coach | 130+ Sports Modes | 16 Day Battery



Register warranty at

Please note that the warranty is only applicable for authorized products sold by Official Amazfit Partners in Singapore.


Colours: Lava Black, Midnight Pulse, Mint Green

Dimensions (without heart rate base): 46.62x46.62x12mm

Weight (without strap): 34g

Body Material: Dual-colour plastic

Buttons: 4

Water-resistance Grade: 10 ATM


Material: TFT

Size: 1.32"

Resolution: 360x360

PPI: 277

Touchscreen: Glass material + anti-fingerprint coating


Battery Capacity: 370 mAh (rated value)

Charging Method: Magnetic charging base

Theoretical Charging Duration: Approx. 2 hours

Typical Usage Scenario Battery Life: Up to 16 days

Battery Saver Mode Battery Life: Up to 24 days

Heavy Usage Scenario Battery Life: Up to 10 days

Continuous GPS Usage: Up to 20 hours


Health: BioTracker™ PPG biometric sensor

Movement: Acceleration sensor / Gyroscope sensor

Positioning: 5 Satellite positioning systems

Connection: Bluetooth 5.0 BLE


Motor: Rotor motor


Materials: Semi-transparent TPU

Width: 22mm

Min. & Max. Wrist Dimensions: 140mm-205mm

Buckle: Classic pin buckle

Packing List: Smartwatch (including standard strap), magnetic charging base, instruction manual

Supported Devices

Android 7.0 and above, iOS 14.0 and above


Zepp App


*Lifestyle Features Supported*

Membership Cards

Alternate App Menu Layouts

Customizable Quick Access Menus

Shortcut Cards

Events Reminder

To Do List

Bluetooth Phone Music Control

Bluetooth Phone Camera Control (iOS only)

Phone Call Notifications

SMS Notifications

App Notifications

Notification Quick Reply (Android only)

Synchronize Do Not Disturb

Find My Phone

Alarm Clock


Pomodoro Timer


Sedentary Reminders

Screen Lock & Password

Do Not Disturb

Morning Updates


*Sports and Health Features*

Sports Coach: Zepp Coach™

Advanced Running Support: Track Run mode / Smart trajectory correction / Virtual pacer / Race achievement predictions

Navigation Support: Route file import (via Zepp App) / Real-time navigation

Template Creation: Training templates (via the Zepp App) / Interval training (via the watch)

Sports Convenience: Conditional pause

Sync to 3rd Party Fitness Apps: adidas Running / Strava / komoot / Relive / Google Fit / Apple Health

Sports Modes: 132

Workout Status: PeakBeats™

24H Monitoring: Heart rate / Blood-oxygen saturation / Stress level

Manual Measurement: Heart rate / Blood-oxygen saturation / Stress level / Test 4 Metrics in 1 Tap (including Breathing rate)

Sleep Quality Monitoring: Sleep stages (including REM) / Daytime naps / Sleep schedule / Sleep breathing quality / Sleep score

Health Reminders: Abnormally high & low heart rate / Low blood-oxygen / High stress level / Prompts to perform stress-reducing breathing exercise


[SG Stock] Bebird Note 5 Pro Accessories | ENT Observation Kit

HIGHLIGHTS  ⚠ Applicable model: Suitable for Bebird Note 5 Pro ** ACCESSORIES: ✨OPTION: ENT Observation Kit This all-in-one accessory kit

[SG Stock] Bebird Note 5 Pro Accessories | Replacement Spoons

HIGHLIGHTS ⚠ Applicable model: Suitable for Bebird Note 5 Pro **   ACCESSORIES: ✨OPTION: Replacement Spoons