YI Handheld Gimbal Special Promo

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  • 3-Axis Pan / Tilt / Zoom Gimbal with 320 Degree Pan / Tilt rotation helps you to capture smooth footage even on the roughest roads.
  • 2-4.5 hours of battery life: Two 18650 lithium-ion batteries, each 850mAh.
  • Universal ¼” thread attachment allows you to use the YI Handheld Gimbal with other professional mounts.

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Product Description


H x L x W : 95mm x 77mm x 75mm
Weight: 210g

Operating Voltage
Standard Value : 8.4 V
Range: 6.0V ~ 12.0V
Motor overload protection current: 1A

Product Specification
Panning angle: -160° ~ +160°
Rolls angle: -42° ~ +42°
Panning angle: -160° ~ +160°
Tilting increme nts: 2°/s ~ 100°/s
Panning increments: 2°/s ~ 150°/s

Operating Temperature
-4℉ ~ 122℉

Battery Life and Charging
2-4.5 hours: Section 218 350 Battery
Charging Accessories

* Camera & Selfie Stick not included


¼” Universal Mount

YI Handheld Gimbal is compatible with YI Selfie Stick and other professional universal ¼” mount thread accessories.


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