Postman Brown Medium


SGD $160.00

Product Description

Postman Medium can have enough space to take a camera body like 5D mark-II with a large-caliber zoom lens like 24-105.

If using batter pack (vertical grip), you can organize them to divide camera lends.
Also, one of pocket has the space to put tablet pc like iPad in.

e.g: Canon 5D Makr-II, Canon 24-105mm, Metz 54MZ, SMDV Wireless Release, Passport, 2 Pen, Note, Moblie Phone.

Multiple purpose pockets can organize space for the camera as well as other items.

Made with Italy dyed whole skin at the lock belt of the bag.
Make two tones after plating English brass at the locker decoration and other decoration.

Herringbone has designed shoulder pads to use Aircell.
The material for Aircell cushions is for non-slip effect and reducing fatigue.
All of Postman medium, large and small basically include non-removable shoulder pad.


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