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Oclean X Pro Elite AI Smart Sonic Toothbrush Auto Wake Up Ultra Quiet WORLD FIRST touch screen toothbrush



Model: Oclean X Pro Elite

· Frequency: 42000rpm/min

· Twisting Force: 220 gf. cm

· Input: 5V/0.6A

· Cleaning Modes: 32-Level adjustment strength, 4 modes of cleaning, whitening, massage & sensitive,100+ Customized Plans

· Intelligent wake-up: Lift the toothbrush to wake it up

· Features: Colourful Touch Screen (Time Display, Tooth Brushing Integral, Battery Display, Firmware Upgrade)

· Battery Capacity: 800 mAh

· Charging: 3.5 hours

· Battery Life: 35 days

Oclean Flow Sonic Toothbrush 5 Modes 38,000 Sonic Vibration 180 days battery Highest 2 years warranty



Model: Oclean FLOW

Frequency: 38,000rpm/min

Charging Time: 5 Hours

Battery Capacity: 2500 mAh

Button Type: Mechanical

Protection Level: IPX7

Motor Type Magnetic Brushless Motor

Brushing Mode: Morning/ Night/ Standard/ Whitening/ Gentle

Auxiliary Functions: 2 min automatically stop

Charging Method: Type-C

LED Light: 5 level of white LED

Brush Heads: Anchor-free processing Dupont Tynex bristles


1 x Toothbrush & Brush Head

1 x User Manual

1 x USB Charging Cable