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[Araree SG] Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 5G CANVAS DIARY Slim Lightweight Shoulder Strap Phone Case

Compatible Model: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

* Innovative new type case for Galaxy Z Flip 5

* Adjustable cross-style strap for your convenience

* Contemporary look, made of durable fabric material

[Araree SG] Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 5G AERO FLEX Slim Lightweight Protective Phone Case

Compatible Model: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

* Slim Lightweight PC case with TPU to protect Hinge part

* Fold and Open without inconvenience

* Full Body Protection 4 point corner guard

Ringke Fusion for Galaxy S23 Plus S23 [Fusion] Ringke Case Clear Hard PC Back TPU Bumper Protective Cover

Transparent clear back shows off original design of deviceAnti-fingerprint matte finish PC back prevents oily smudges and dirty marks   Durable hard PC back and shock-absorbent flexible TPU bumper provide protection for device   Raised lips protects front display from potential scratches and damage   Attach hand or neck straps with the built-in dual QuikCatch lanyard holes. (Strap sold separately)   Supports wireless charging and compatible with screen protector   Package includes : 1 case      

Ringke Onyx for Galaxy S23 Plus S23 [Ringke Onyx] Case Rugged TPU Protective Shockproof Grip Cover

Streamlined design with an anti-skid & anti-fingerprint textureHigh-quality, flexible TPU material for heavy-duty defense   Granulate texture enhances the grip and makes it easy to hold   Attach phone charms and straps with the built-in lanyard holes (Phone Charms and Straps are NOT included)   Supports wireless charging and screen protector compatibility   Shipped from Ringke Headquarters – South Korea   Package includes : 1 case    

Ringke Fusion-X Case for Galaxy S23 Plus S23 [Fusion-X] Ringke Case Hard Back TPU Side Shock Absorbent Protective Cover

Unique X-concept designed hybrid case with high-level protection and performance for daily use.Tailor-made to fit the device with covered buttons, precise cut-outs, and easy access to all ports and functions.  Made of clear polycarbonate back panel and flexible TPU frames for solid protection against drops and scratches.   Duo-QuikCatch lanyard holes on each side of the device allow for the usage of accessories   such as hand straps, wrist lanyards, and phone charms. (Additional accessories not included)   Supports wireless charging and screen protector compatibility.   Shipped from Ringke Headquarters – South Korea   Package includes : 1 case    

Ringke Fusion for Galaxy S23 Ultra [Onyx] Ringke Case Hard PC Back TPU Bumper Protective Cover

Made of slim & lightweight TPU material for increased protection against impact and scratches. Streamlined design with an anti-skid & anti-fingerprint granulate texture on the back and frame. Duo-QuikCatch lanyard holes on each side of the device allow for the usage of accessories such as hand straps, wrist lanyards, and phone charms. (Additional accessories not included) Supports wireless charging and screen protector compatibility.  

Ringke Fusion for Galaxy S23 Ultra [Fusion X] Ringke Case Clear Hard PC Back TPU Bumper Protective Cover

Tailor-made to fit the device with covered buttons, precise cut-outs, and easy access to all ports and functions. Made of clear polycarbonate back panel and flexible TPU frames for solid protection against drops and scratches. Duo-QuikCatch lanyard holes on each side of the device allow for the usage of accessories such as hand straps, wrist lanyards, and phone charms. (Additional accessories not included) Supports wireless charging and screen protector compatibility

Ringke Fusion for Galaxy S23 Ultra Ringke [Fusion] Clear Hard PC Back

  • Transparent back or anti-fingerprint matte finish
  • Impact absorbent and lightweight design enhance grip-ability with minimal bulk.
  • Raised lips protects front display from potential scratches and damage.
  • Duo-QuikCatch lanyard holes on each side of the device allow for the usage of accessories such as hand straps, wrist lanyards, and phone charms. (Additional accessories not included)
  • Supports wireless charging and screen protector compatible.