Experience the clean and powerful tone that Fender®️ is known for with the Fender®️ TOUR; our first True Wireless In-Ear Monitors (TWS).

We kept music at the heart of our first True Wireless In-Ear Monitors (TWS). The Fender®️ TOUR combines our legendary Fender, true live-stage sound that puts you right in the middle of your music, with the convenience that a TWS brings. Inside, the 7mm full range dynamic driver is supercharged by a custom tuned audio DSP, delivering tight and deep bass, buttery mids and articulate highs. Our 3D acoustic chamber design creates a huge soundstage, while imparting a warm, analogue feel to the music. Pair this together with our dedicated app that allows you to balance the sound to your liking, you’ll be enjoying your music the way you want, wherever you want.

Fender’s first pair of fully TWS IEM, 3D ergonomic printing shell, with customized 7mm full frequency dynamic unit, support aptX, SBC music specifications. The dual microphone noise reduction design makes the call clearer. Through the exclusive application, select preset and custom sound adjustments, updates, and add functions.

Bluetooth: 5.0
Decoding: aptX, AAC, SBC
Unit: 7mm fixed brake ring
Sensitivity: 110 ±3 dB (1 kHz)
Frequency range: 20Hz-20kHz
Effective range: 10 meters
Waterproof rating: IPX4
Play time: about 5 hours (with the charging box can be used for about 22 hours of play)
Charging time: about 2 hours (15 minutes for fast charging, about 1 hour for playback)


Technical Specifications:
Display: LED Segment Display
Product weight: About 63KG
Speed range: 1.0-15KM / H
Continuous horsepower: 1.25HP
Rated voltage:220V
Heart rate: Simultaneously display heart rate data from external devices
Speakers: JBL custom full range speakers x 2
Load limit: 100KG
Dimensions: 1590 x 810 x 1250mm
Folded size: 1590 x 810 x 245mm
Running belt size: 1300 x 500mm

Storage method: Full fold

GTS2E_1 GTS2E_2 GTS2E_3 GTS2E_4 GTS2E_5 GTS2E_6 GTS2E_7 GTS2E_8 GTS2E_9 GTS2E_10 GTS2E_11 GTS2E_12 GTS2E_13 GTS2E_14 GTS2E_15 GTS2E_16 GTS2E_17 GTS2E_18 GTS2E_19 GTS2E_20 GTS2E_21 GTS2E_22 GTS2E_23 GTS2E_24 GTS2E_25cb1c82ce-d113-4f23-8fcd-9c3c21b4267d

GTR2E_1 GTR2E_2 GTR2E_3 GTR2E_4 GTR2E_5 GTR2E_6 GTR2E_7 GTR2E_8 GTR2E_9 GTR2E_10 GTR2E_11 GTR2E_12 GTR2E_13 GTR2E_14 GTR2E_15 GTR2E_16 GTR2E_17 GTR2E_18 GTR2E_19 GTR2E_20cb1c82ce-d113-4f23-8fcd-9c3c21b4267d

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IMILABWCSAMPLE C20_A C20_B C20_C C20_D C20_E C20_F C20_Front C20_G C20_H C20_I

Model C20
Color White
Weight 211g
Dimension 112*76*76 mm

Resolution 1920 x 1080P
Aperture F2.1
Lens Angle 105°
Night Vision 6*850nm infrared LEDs
Compression Standard H.265
Network Wireless IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz (Not Support 5G WIFI)
Storage MicroSD Card 64GB Max.
Cloud Storage
System Support Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0
Work Temperature -10℃ – 50℃
Working Current 5V/2A

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T1_1 T1_2 T1_3 T1_4 T1_5 T1_6 T1_7 T1_8 T1_9 T1_10 T1_11 T1_12 T1_13 T1_14 T1_15 T1_16 T1_17 T1_18 T1_19

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